Unearthed is a site specific installation of two 44" x 90" panels of thin slices of dried beets. The compositions are based on astronomical information specific to the winter constellation locations in San Jose provided by the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL.

Unearthed is part of the San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art’s Window Project. The majority of beets used in this project were grown as part of my collaboration with Preston Farm and Winery, a biodynamic farm in Healdsburg, CA. The orange and white beets were donations from the University of Madison, Wisconsin's Horticulture Department. Special thanks to Ethan Worden for building the frames for these works. This project was completed with the support of Michael Hall, Mara Poliak, Cynthia Yardley, Emily Rae and curator Patricia Carino and the San Jose ICA staff.

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