Eleven Months Mourning: August 19, 2007 - July 14, 2008 presents work that is all at once universal and deeply personal. With a fresh awareness of mortality after the loss of her Father, Goodman's art practice shifted. Her dissatisfaction with flat memories led Goodman to begin casting and molding handmade paper pulp into palpable surfaces. The artist pushes the material beyond the ubiquitous two-dimensions into the realm of sculpture, focusing on texture, movement, ephemerality and presence. The shift in practice quickly became a part of an 11-month public, albeit private, act of mourning.

Reaching beyond the secular realm where death and grieving are often an unreasonably short amount of time, Goodman committed to an eleven month mourning project, based on the Jewish Mourning tradition where in a group setting a child says the Mourner's Kaddish for her parent every day for eleven months after his death. Using handmade paper as the consistent material, the strategies include month long daily practices of ripping, casting, wheatpasting, giving away, and dissolving in public places.

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