200 Year Present is a sculpture comprised of 18 suspended segments handmade from discarded and pulped bedsheets and t-shirts. The title is borrowed from Elise Boulding, peace researcher and activist, who advocated for considering one hundred years into the past and one hundred years into the future when making current political, environmental and economic decisions. The sculpture is conceived as a model and a wish for humble leaders with long term perspective who are sensitive and responsive to the movement of people around them.

200 Year Present was commissioned by the Contemporary Jewish Museum SF for the group exhibition "Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist As Maggid." The piece is inspired by the final scene of "The Bird of Happiness," which reveals a young king’s daily ritual of spending an hour inside a shack, looking at his reflection in the mirror dressed in the rags he wore before he became king. This daily ritual imbues the young leader with wisdom, humility and long-term perspective to lead the country into the future.

Click here for video interview created by the Contemporary Jewish Museum during the making of 200 Year Present.

Special thank you to Amy Leners, Mara Poliak and Michelle Black for their assistance making this piece.

Commissioned for installation at The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco. Photo by JKA Photography.

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