Waning (August 19, 2007-July 14, 2008) & Waxing (July 27, 2018-May 10, 2019), 2020
Pulped discarded bedsheets and t-shirts
Edition varee or 3 + 1 AP
Overall 33 x 92 inches. Each 33 x 46 inches.

Waning (8/19/07 – 7/14/08) & Waxing (7/27/18 - 5/10/19) makes palpable the shifting phases of the moon through two critical periods in my life. K’riah, the Jewish tradition of ripping fabric at the graveside to symbolically expose one’s heart, imbues additional significance to tearing fabric to make these pieces. Waning depicts the phases of the moon from 11 month traditional Jewish mourning period following my Father’s death in 2007. Waxing depicts the phases of the moon from the 41 week gestation before giving birth in 2019. The wood carvings from which the pieces are cast, made 12 years apart, begin with death and end with life. The diptych exists as an attempt to feel the ongoing connection between the two and understand the impact of losing a parent before giving birth to a child.

Photo Credit: Phillip Maisel