I first heard “Hold on tightly, let go lightly” in my early twenties from artist Bob Branaman. Although the original context referred to romantic relationships, the phrase takes on new meaning within the context of public art and non-archival materials. Inspired by the Chilean Muralists and with an eagerness to insert soft materials, personal content and unexpected textures in public spaces, I wheat paste thick handmade paper. I began wheat pasting on the deAppropriation Wall in 2008. To this day, I can run my hand along the wall and feel the protrusion and thickness of handmade paper from years ago.

"Let go lightly" was wheat pasted in mid-August 2011 on the deAppropriation Project wall. The pulp is also made from old bed sheets and the font is based on a font created by Dard Hunter, who reignited hand paper making in the United Stated during the Arts and Crafts Movement. I photographed the daily dissolution of the phrase. Once the piece was completely covered, the photos were compiled to create a time-lapse video. The text "Hold on tightly" is installed on an interior white wall. The video projects on top of the cast paper, registering the projected wheat pasted text with the text on the interior wall.

Both phrases are cast paper made from old bed sheets. Each phrase is 20” x 96” x 3”.

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