This body of work includes a series of beet papyrus, accompanied by a book of stains resulting from the drying process, and a stop motion video recording. I created this work after spending time at Angelic Organics Biodynamic Community Supported Agriculture farm in Caledonia, IL gleaning in the field and discussing biodynamic farming and art with Farmer John Peterson and Andrew Stewart. The only materials used were one white bed sheet and beets gleaned from Angelic Organics. With plant matter as my material alongside working with resulting stains, I create a visceral connection between the terrestrial and celestial within the continuum of progressive agriculture and pre-industrial farming that rely on working in sync with the cosmos, the soil and the plants.

I am especially grateful to John and Andrew for their time and generosity during that time and being open to working with me on this upcoming installation. Also, a loving thank you to Michael Hall for collaborating with me to create the video.

Using beets gleaned from this coming summer’s harvest, I plan to create an ephemeral site-specific installation of beet papyrus at Angelic Organics further exploring the connection between biodynamic farming, the moon and the zodiac.

Earth Signs - Julia Goodman from Michael Hall on Vimeo.

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