I was fortunate to spend part of the summer at Angelic Organics Farm completing a site-specific installation using beets from the farm. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to harvest beets from the fields, immediately work with them in the barn, and leave pieces hanging in the farm’s windows. Eventually the pieces will go in the compost to nourish the system where they came from. This time and place heightened the sense of immediacy in my process and allowed me to work on a larger scale. The installations are a response to the guiding principles of the farm that connect the soil, the stars, and our bodies, as well as cradle to grave analysis.

For more information, click here to read the Angelic Organics Farm Newsletter I wrote in September, 2015.

This project was funded through a Columbia College Chicago Full Time Faculty Grant and made possible with the support of Leah Rosenberg, Tess Wilson, Cheryl Dority, Farmer John and Haidy Peterson. The related prints made at Columbia College Chicago Center for Book, Paper & Print with the guidance of Chris Flynn.

Photo credit for installation: Leo Selvaggio
Photo credit for related print work: Robert Divers Herrick

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