“Up In The Trees” is a site specific installation commissioned by the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose to hang above “Out on a Limb”. "Up In The Trees" is made from handmade paper pulp made from used, colored, 100% cotton t-shirts and willow branches.The installation highlights different trees and animals that inhabit the Santee neighborhood community. Hanging throughout the space you will see goldfinches flying by a London plane tree, squirrels snacking next to a ginkgo leaf, a raccoon hiding between cottonwood leaves, a silkworm ready to munch on a mulberry leaf and monarch butteries smiling from behind clusters of eucalyptus leaves. The paper animals are based on collaborative graphite drawings between Mabel O’Hara-Hardy, my favorite 4 year old artist, and me. It is an honor to work with her!

Educare’s main atrium exhibit "Out on a Limb" was designed and installed by Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. Out on a Limb is an interactive exhibit highlighting sensory and imaginative experiences that can be had in nature — playing in a treehouse, throwing leaves into the wind, building a fort, and being inspired by nature. The exhibit features the ceiling installation by myself and quilted leaves by San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.

All of the hanging pieces are handmade paper composed of pulp from different colored, used, 100% cotton t-shirts. For example, the orange and blue raccoon is made from orange and blue paper pulp from orange and blue t-shirts. All of the colors are repurposed color. No additional pigments or dyes were used in this project.

This project could not have been completed without Heidi Lubin supervising the project and Amy Leners' assistance with studio production. Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their support: Chris Flynn, Michael Hall, Kate O’Hara, Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose’s Staff and Volunteers, Savers, Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center, and Columbia College Chicago Center for Book, Paper & Print.

More images coming soon...

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