Dependent, made in collaboration with Mullowney Printing and Box Blur is available through Catharine Clark Gallery. Michael and I designed this print in February already feeling anxious about the stakes of the 2020 election and feeling an added responsibility of voting for the first time as parents. The youngest children today are inheriting a country they cannot vote in until 2040. Since February, the criticality of this election has grown exponentially on every front.

Michael and I will donate 100% of our half of the proceeds from the remaining edition to the Dine for Democracy's Fund which benefits an inclusive cohort of 5 grassroots organizations led by youth and communities of color working to get-out-the-vote in battleground states: The Alliance for Youth Action, Black Voters Matter Fund, Mi Familia Vota (AZĀ + TX chapters), Montana Native Vote and Woke Vote. Together these groups work in communities in critical states that have historically faced obstacles to the ballot either because of voter suppression, voter intimidation, language barriers, restrictive voting laws and / or general disillusionment with government. Their work includes registering voters, protecting voting rights, educating voters and increasing voter participation in elections.

Dependent, 2020
Edition of 50 + proofs
20 x 15 inches

Please contact Catharine Clark Gallery for more info.

Thank you Lena Wolff and Dine For Democracy for inspiring actions we can take between now and November 3.