Thin Lines is a series of low-relief handmade paper made from pulped, discarded, colored bedsheets and t-shirts. The colors used in this project directly result from mixing the different colored fabrics. No additional pigments or dyes are added. The diagram in the piece, 9 points connecting to 9 points, is based on Athanasius Kircher's 1669 diagram, Ars magna sciendi, representing the broad range of interdisciplinary scientific questions. This body of work considers the complexities of human interconnectivity by recreating an altered and irregular version of this diagram with materials that lay closest to our skin. Within this framework, interpersonal and social complexities are represented through varying structures and organic patterns. Cast bed sheets and bed sheet inclusions interrupt linear plans. These occurrences and connections cause colors to shift slowly within permeable and malleable materials.

Thin Lines XIII (33"x36")Thin Lines XIII (33"x36")   Thin Lines XIII (33"x36") detailThin Lines XIII (33"x36") detail   Thin Lines XVI (78"x44"Thin Lines XVI (78"x44"   Thin Lines XVI (detail)Thin Lines XVI (detail)   Thin Lines XIV (77"x42")Thin Lines XIV (77"x42")   Thin Lines XIV (77"x42") detailThin Lines XIV (77"x42") detail   Thin Lines XI (22"x15")Thin Lines XI (22"x15")   Thin Lines I (22"x15")Thin Lines I (22"x15")   Thin Lines IX (22"x15")Thin Lines IX (22"x15")   Thin Lines V (22"x15")Thin Lines V (22"x15")   Thin Lines II (22"x15")Thin Lines II (22"x15")   Thin Lines IV (22"x15")Thin Lines IV (22"x15")