Rag Sorters & Star Gazers was made while completing the artist’s residency with Recology San Francisco (aka The Dump). Rag Sorters is loosely based on the history of rag paper and fascinating moments where papermaking and scarcity overlap. Each piece is an abstraction of a specific moment in papermaking history. For example, Above and Below (1666) relates a 17th century law passed in England. "To encourage the use of wool and at the same time save linen and cotton for papermakers, the English Parliament in 1666 decreed that only wool could be used in burying the dead. In one year approximately 200,000 pounds of linen and cotton were saved for papermakers by this edict." (Hunter, pg. 482)

For the Recology exhibition, the pieces were arranged chronologically, with the correlating year in the title. A timeline with related facts was available for viewers.

Photography credit: Robert Divers Herrick

31" x 24" detail detail detail detail detail