Vessel, Julia Goodman & Klea McKenna
Two Person Show at Euqinom Gallery, San Francisco, CA
September 7 - October 28, 2023
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Press Release

Conversation with Julia Goodman, Klea McKenna and Lauren Schell Dickens, Senior Curator, San José Museum of Art, October 19, 2023.
(Recording available soon)

Reviewed by Jaimie Baron, Square Cylinder

Details of new work included in "New Work 2022-23"

Returns & Night After Night (l)Returns & Night After Night (l)   Farther and Farther (lll) & GlimmerFarther and Farther (lll) & Glimmer   Intervals, Farther and Farther(lll)Intervals, Farther and Farther(lll) & Anchor (l) In Tandem (lll)In Tandem (lll)   There Are New MountainsThere Are New Mountains   Chorus (ll)Chorus (ll)